Does Nathan's Hot Dog Brand Offer a Kosher Selection?

Nathans does offer a kosher selection and has opened restaurants that stictly serve a kosher menu. However, you may find it difficult to locate them in your area.

Kosher hot dogs are always properly labeled with "kosher" written in big letters on the front of the package.

It is not available or advertised on the Nathans hot dog website, but patrons have reported purchasing kosher versions of the famous brand. New York is one state where customers have been able to purchase Nathan's hot dogs. A few other places have been known to sell them, but the occurrence is so rare, the best way to find a package is to stay alert when shopping or put in a request to a local supermarket.

There are other hot dog brands that offer a kosher line besides Nathans:

  • Hebrew National
  • Shofar
  • Empire National
  • Best
  • Aarons