What Are the Names of Some Common Types of Pasta?


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Some types of long, stringy pasta include spaghetti, angel hair, capellini and barbina, while some types of long, thick pasta include fettucini, bigoli and pizzoccheri. Fusilli have a corkscrew shape, and ziti feature a long, hollow shape. Other common types include tortellini, macaroni, rotini, lasagne and cannelloni.

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Different types of pasta are designed for serving with different types of sauces. For example, spaghetti typically goes with a tomato-based sauce, such as marinara, while fettucini is typically served with a creamy sauce, such as alfredo. Fusilli is served with both types of sauce and in salads, while helix-shaped rotini is often served in a creamy sauce, due to the way it soaks up flavor. Macaroni, one of the most popular pasta types, features a short, hollow design that allows it to hold cheesy sauces well.

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