What Are Some Nabisco Cookies That Have Been Discontinued?

What Are Some Nabisco Cookies That Have Been Discontinued?

Anola wafers, butter cookies and snaps are discontinued Nabisco cookies. Other discontinued cookies, such as the blueberry Fig Newtons, have resurfaced as the blueberry Fruit Thins.

Anola wafers were one of Nabisco's first products. Nabisco, or the National Biscuit Company as it was called, introduced them to the public in the early 1900s and discontinued them after World War II. A chocolate wafer with chocolate filling, Anola wafers were more like cookies.

Nabisco butter cookies came in a light blue box and were simply called Butter. They were disc-shaped with a hole in the center and had stubby petals like a flower's. Nabisco snaps were available in ginger, vanilla, chocolate and chocolate chip. Nabisco intermittently releases discontinued cookies, such as its chocolate snaps, in packs of Nabisco Classics Carnival Cookies. Ginger Snaps are now a separate brand that Nabisco owns.

Nabisco's Fig Newtons are now simply Newtons, and fruit flavors include strawberry, apple, sweet peach and apricot, and triple berry, which contains blueberry. As with strawberry, blueberry Fig Newtons were once a standalone flavor.

The Nabisco family of brands includes Oreo, Nilla, Teddy Grahams, Lorna Doone and Barnum's Animals. Nabisco has subsequently discontinued some aspects of each brand, such as the koala bear in Barnum's Animals and Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears.