What Do Muslims Eat?


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Muslims can eat a variety of foods that do not contain alcohol, pork, carnivorous animals, gelatin from animal sources and any human substance. Foods made with or containing blood, certain preservatives and additives are also prohibited.

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Muslims, those people identifying as Islamic, must eat foods on the Halal list. These foods are permissible for all Muslims. Muslims cannot eat any kind of pork products because they feel pigs are unclean. Any animal they eat must be slaughtered while it is still alive and all traces of blood must be removed before they eat the meat. Alcohol is strictly forbidden, even when it is used to prepare food.

Other than these restrictions, Muslims can eat whatever they want. Many Muslims prefer sticking to a diet consisting of foods such as chicken, beef, milk, olive oil, fruits and vegetables. The vegetables must be naturally grown and not genetically modified. Some Muslims believe olive oil and honey have healing or medicinal properties so these foods are consumed often.

Besides eating a variety of foods, Muslims often participate in feast and fast days. Feasting provides those of the Islamic religion the opportunity to be absolved of previous sins, and fasting helps prevent an addiction to food.

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