What Is The Murder Mystery Company Dinner?

The Murder Mystery Company dinner is a public dinner theater show that is an interactive entertainment experience for guests. Patrons eat an elegant dinner as a whodunit mystery unfolds before their eyes. Actors playing characters in the live-action murder-mystery drama greet and engage patrons as soon as they arrive at the venue. The company performs murder-mystery dinner shows weekly in cities around the country.

The Murder Mystery Company performs thousands of murder-mystery shows each year and appeals to people seeking unique dining entertainment. Reservations are required to attend, and people can find local shows by visiting the Murder Mystery Company website. Patrons must bring printed tickets to the show as the company does not accept vouchers. Patrons receive a three-course meal and should expect the show to last for two or more hours.

Patrons are encouraged to arrive at least 30 minutes before show time and wear attire that is suitable for a particular show theme. Themes vary and include a dance with death, crime and punishment, murder at the masquerade and wanted dead or alive. Once dinner is served, someone drops dead in a humorous fashion. Patrons attempt to solve the crime by gathering clues and holding discussions with guests and murder-mystery experts.