What Is Mullein Tea?


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Verbascum thapsus, commonly known as mullein, is used to treat many illnesses. The leaves of the plant have been shown to loosen congestion and help clear the lungs. The tea must be filtered well because there are tiny hairs on the leaves of the plant that can cause irritation.

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What Is Mullein Tea?
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Mullein has been used as a wash for skin to soothe minor injuries. When mullein is infused with beeswax, it can be used as a balm for babies.

Mullein stalks can grow up to six feet high with leaves up to two feet across. It is an easy plant to cultivate and grows wild in fields and ditches.

Tea is defined as any infusion prepared from the leaves or flowers of plants, and used as beverages or medicine. Therefore, mullein tea is an infusion made from the mullein plant.

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