What Is the Muffin Method of Mixing?

According to Prepared Pantry, the muffin method of mixing involves mixing dry and wet ingredients in separate bowls, combining the contents with a spatula and placing the batter in the oven. This simple, quick technique works with recipes for muffins, cornbread, popovers and other quick breads. The muffin method is unsuitable for electric mixers.

Batters prepared with the muffin method do not need to be lump free before baking. Excessive mixing develops the gluten and creates an undesirable chewy texture, which is why the dry and wet ingredients require thorough mixing before being combined. Failure to mix them thoroughly damages the texture and flavor of the final product.

The muffin method is convenient for quick morning baking. Prepared Pantry recommends mixing the dry and wet ingredients on the previous night and storing them in the refrigerator. On the following morning, combine all of the ingredients, stir several times and pop the batter in the oven.

According to the Food Studies program offered by Saskatchewan Education Online, the muffin method is one of three primary mixing techniques used for quick breads and baked goods. The biscuit method is similar, but this involves cutting the butter into the sifted dry ingredients before adding the other liquids. The cake method involves creaming the butter and sugar and then adding beaten eggs to the mixing bowl. The rest of the ingredients go into the bowl one at a time, alternating between wet and dry ingredients.