How Much Does It Cost to Feed a Family of Five at Arby's?


The cost to feed a family of five at Arby’s -- if everyone orders the classic roast beef sandwich meal at $5.58 per meal -- is $27.90 before tax, as of 2015. The classic roast beef meal is the menu’s cheapest and comes with a sandwich, fries and a drink.

The cost of feeding a family at Arby’s boils down to what each person orders. Arby’s classic beef and cheddar sandwich meal is $6.33, while its Angus three-cheese and bacon sandwich meal is $7.78. Arby’s Reuben sandwich meal is $7.63.

Individual sandwiches are also available; a junior bacon cheddar melt is $2.09, while a junior roast beef sandwich is $1.09. Small curly fries are $1.09 per order. If everyone in the family orders a junior roast beef and curly fries, the cost is $10.90 prior to tax.