How Much Caramel Is in 14 Ounces?

The amount of servings of caramel in a 14 oz. container depends on how its brand packages them, Brach's for instance has 40 cut pieces in a bag, while Hershey's topping offers 10 servings in each jar. Caramel is also available in 14 oz. containers of fruit or vegetable dips. Brach's soft chews are generally used as a treat or ingredients for recipes, while the topping is made specifically as a desert condiment.

Brach's caramel is offered in small bags of individually wrapped pieces. There is a minimum of 40 pieces per bag, and some may have more. The caramel is made with real milk and can be purchased online.

Hershey's caramel topping is available in every major grocery retailer. This type of caramel is made more specifically to use as an ice cream, pie or cake topping. Although generally less expensive than Brach's caramel, Hershey's topping only lasts approximately 10 full servings.

Another company that sells a 14 oz. tub of caramel is Concord Foods. Concord makes it specifically to use as a vegetable or fruit dip. A serving size consists of two table spoons, and one tub should last at least 10 servings. Concord Foods caramel dip is available for purchase online.