How Much Does a 12-Pack of Soda Weigh?

much-12-pack-soda-weigh Credit: John Nordell/Photolibrary/Getty Images

A 12-pack of soda weighs approximately 10 pounds. This weight can be estimated based on the liquid content of the cans along with the approximate weight of the aluminum used for each can.

A 12-pack of 12-ounce sodas contains 144 ounces of fluid altogether. The weight of a fluid ounce of water, the primary ingredient in soda, is 1.0432 ounces. Multiplying 144 by 1.0432 gives slightly above 150 ounces. An aluminum can weighs approximately 0.5 ounces, meaning that the total weight of aluminum in a 12-pack is approximately 6 ounces. The combined weight of liquid and aluminum is less than 157 ounces, equivalent to approximately 9.8 pounds. Additional weight in a 12-pack is attributed to the cardboard container, a factor which may vary based on the brand. The cardboard may cause the total weight of the unit to slightly exceed 10 pounds.