What Does Moscato Wine Taste Like?

moscato-wine-taste-like Credit: Kristy Campbell/Moment/Getty Images

Moscato wine has a light, sweet flavor with hints of fruits such as apple, peach, pineapple, pear, lime and orange. Certain varieties may taste similar to white grape or apple juices. The taste profile of Moscato wine is further enhanced by a burst of aromatic tones that include green grapes, citrus, ginger, almonds and orange blossom.

Moscato wine is either semi-sweet or sweet, and the level of sweetness is determined by the length of fermentation. Many people enjoy sipping semi-sparkling Moscato wines, otherwise known as fizzante. Some of the best-selling varieties of this refeshing wine are labeled as Moscato d'Asti, which means they are from the region in Italy known as Asti. Moscato d'Asti wines tend to have a higher sweetness level because this region specializes in the frizzante winemaking style.

Moscato is an excellent wine to pair with dessert foods made from apples, berries, peaches, hazlenuts and lemons. It also goes well with fresh salads, cheeses and antipasto dishes. Due to its low alcohol content and acidity levels, Moscato is often served at brunches. Generally, lower priced Moscato wines lean more heavily toward sugary fruit flavors. Higher priced Moscatos tend toward lower sugar levels and higher complexities in fruit and floral flavor mixtures. For the best flavor experience, it is recommended that Moscato be enjoyed as a young vintage.