Why Does Monster Energy Give Away Free Gear?

Monster does not specify why it gives away free gear, but its reasons are possibly similar to the reasons why most companies give away free gear. Free gear generates interest and excitement around a brand and is form of advertising.

Companies know that people love free stuff. Offering free company gear automatically gets attention, even from individuals who don't necessarily use a particular brand or service. In this way, giving away free gear enables a company to infiltrate otherwise inaccessible spaces and potential opportunities. Google is a good example of this.

Some years back, Google student ambassadors on college campuses bought pizza for student colleagues during crunch times around deadlines. As a result, Google generated buzz on campuses and initiated relationships with talented individuals working in IT and programming. The result is a strong bond between Google and future employees, customers and IT innovators.

Another example is Nike, which flies top high school basketball talent to special events in exotic places and lavishes players with free sneakers, gear and other gifts. The promotion highlights tomorrow's top players, builds ties between Nike and tomorrow's top talent and draws press attention to Nike. It also sends a positive message about the brand and potentially influences Nike's market share.

As of 2015, Monster does not have a typical type of giveaway, but recent promotions include free beverage receptacles, such as tumblers, t-shirts, backpacks and even snowboards. Each piece of gear is like a tiny billboard, which helps maintain the brand's visibility. Recipients of free gear are also more likely to positively discuss the brand with friends, family and social media contacts.