What Mixes Well With Vanilla Vodka?

Vanilla vodka mixes well with cola, lemon lime soda, ginger ale, lime juice, coconut milk, pineapple juice, apple juice and coffee. It also blends well with liqueurs, such as Irish cream, raspberry liqueur, coffee liqueur and chocolate liqueur.

Amateur and professional bartenders can use vanilla vodka to make a wide variety of cocktails. It pairs well with a number of fruit juices and sodas, so they can make basic drinks using one part vanilla vodka and three parts soda or juice mixer.

Vanilla vodka also works well in more complicated cocktails involving three or more ingredients. Popular vanilla vodka brands have a number of cocktail recipes on their websites. Many of these contain interesting combinations containing ingredients, such as Irish cream, chocolate liqueur, soda, fruit juice, raspberry liqueur, orange liqueur and cream. Most recipes stick to around three or four ingredients, although some blend in spices and bitters to create more complex flavors.

Bartenders can also create their own unique recipes using vanilla vodka. They can experiment with swapping vanilla vodka for regular vodka in their favorite recipes to produce new drinks. They can also make totally original recipes by blending flavors they think work well together and tweaking their recipes.