How Do You Mix Vodka and Lemonade?

To mix vodka and lemonade, add a small amount of vodka to a cocktail shaker, measure the lemonade and pour it into the shaker tin, add ice, and shake the cocktail. Strain the cocktail and pour it into a glass. You need a jigger, a cocktail shaker and a strainer.

  1. Measure the vodka

    Using a two-sided jigger, which is a standard bar measuring tool, measure an ounce of vodka with the larger side, and pour it into a cocktail shaker. Flip the jigger over, and then measure 1/2 ounce on the smaller side, and pour the vodka into the shaker.

  2. Measure the lemonade

    With the jigger, measure 5 ounces of lemonade, and pour it into the cocktail shaker.

  3. Shake the cocktail

    Add a scoop of ice to the shaker. Place the lid or glass on top of the shaker, and then vigorously shake the cocktail several times.

  4. Serve the cocktail

    Add ice to a drinking glass, and remove the lid from the top of the shaker. Place a strainer on top of the shaker, and then, turn the strainer upside down. Finally, pour the drink into the glass, and then garnish the cocktail with a lemon wheel and a straw.