Is MiO Liquid Water Enhancer Bad for You?

According to Everyday Health, water enhancers do not provide any health benefits and may have detrimental side effects. The products provide only a minimal amount of vitamins and contain unnecessary electrolytes, as well as high amounts of artificial sweeteners and colors. Mio in particular uses sucralose, also known as Splenda, which may interfere with the body's absorption of nutrients.

As of 2014, Food Facts assigns Mio liquid water enhancer an F grade because it contains several ingredients that are considered controversial by the health community. The site claims that the citric acid in Mio contains MSG, which is associated with headaches, nausea and numbness among other symptoms. Everyday Health considers many liquid water enhancers to be similar to Gatorade or other sports drinks, adding that replenishing the electrolytes via potassium and sodium is only necessary for athletes who run long distance or do intense cardiovascular activities.

Although water enhancers are used in very small doses, their sweet taste may trigger cravings for other sugary foods, making weight management more difficult and potentially leading to weight gain. For healthy and natural ways to flavor water, add chunks of frozen fruit or a splash of pure fruit juice. Although these methods add calories and sugar, fruit is free of additives and chemicals, making it a healthier choice overall.