What Are Some Minecraft-Themed Cake Decorations?


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One Minecraft-themed cake is decorated with toy Steve, TNT, creeper and a pig. The cake underneath is a green grass field topping that looks like dirt. Another is a multi-shaded green and brown block cake topped with a Minecraft sword sticking out of the top.

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Another idea for a Minecraft cake is to create the creeper head on the top of any round, square or rectangular cake. Using different shades of green and black fondant squares makes it relatively easy to lay out the design.

For a cake with multiple layers, the top layer works well as a square piece of TNT. The second layer is a building block, and the bottom layer is the green ground common in the game. Add different toy characters, or create them using fondant. Sheep, pigs, Steve and creepers work well as decoration on and around the cake.

Another non-traditionally shaped cake is made to look like the character named Steve. His hair is dark brown, and his skin is made from light brown fondant. His clothing is light blue with a few white pieces of fondant here and there. Each piece is a rectangle that stands on its side. Smaller side cakes that work well with the Steve cake include a creeper and a pig.

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