What Is in Mincemeat Pie?


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Ingredients in a mincemeat pie can vary, but normally include varieties of dried fruit, a type of meat and liquor. To properly make a mincemeat pie, the mixture that is made needs to sit for several days before it is actually used.

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What Is in Mincemeat Pie?
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The most common mixture of fruit includes apples, raisin, figs, oranges and cherries. The beef that is included normally comes in what is called suet, which is raw beef fat. The texture of the fruit and meat mixture depends on how it is prepared. It can be pulsed in a food processor, which leaves the mixture a bit more coarse and less broken down. A finer texture can be achieved if there is a meat grinder available to break down the suet and fruit more.

The mixture calls for a number of spices as well, which includes ginger, nutmeg, clove and all spice. Orange and lemon zest are also included in the recipe. The crust for a mincemeat pie is a bit more involved than standard pie crust. It calls for cornmeal, flour, sugar and salt, but what makes it stand out is the unsalted butter and apple cider that goes into the mixture.

The more traditional method of making the pie is to put the mincemeat in the center and pull the edges up to make a bowl like crust, but it can also be totally encased, more like a fried fruit pie might look.

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