What Is Milk Made up Of?

Raw milk consists of water, fats, protein, milk sugars, enzymes, vitamins, acids and minerals. A cow pumps between 600 and 800 gallons of blood through her udders to produce 1 gallon of milk.

Milk is composed of approximately 87.3 percent water; 3.9 percent milk fats and fatty acids, such as butyric acid 4, caproic acid 6, caprylic acid 8, carpic acid 10 and myristic acid 14; and 8.8 percent nonfat solids, such as proteins, lactose and other immune factors. The minerals that make up 0.65 percent of milk are calcium, phophorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, chlorine, iron and many others. Milk is also 0.18 percent acids, such as citric, formic, acetic, lactic and oxalic. Finally, milk contains 0.12 percent enzymes and vitamins.