Are Mexican Tamales Difficult to Make?


Although Mexican tamales are not typically considered very difficult to make, it can take some time to prepare and cook all the ingredients needed for this dish. Tamales are made by using three basic components, which are the meat filling, dough and corn wrappers. If the meat filling is pork, then it must be cooked for nearly 2 hours in a slower cooker after all the spice ingredients are added to it.

Making tamale dough can take about 20 minutes, assembling the tamale is another 30 minutes and then steaming it takes about 1 hour. The entire process can take approximately 4 hours. The What's Cooking America website has a good recipe for this dish.

However, it is possible to reduce the preparation and cooking time by preparing the meat and dough the day before and storing them in the refrigerator. A tamale is a Mexican food made from corn masa or dough that is wrapped in a corn husk. The meat filling can be made with different types of shredded meats, such as beef, chicken or pork.