What Are Some Mexican Pastries?


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Some well-known Mexican pastries are campechanas, conchas and the savory pastry empanadas. Other pastries include besos, marranitos, polvorones and cuernos. The common term used to describe all Mexican pastries is pan dulce.

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Empanadas are likely the most recognizable Mexican pastry, though they are not a dessert. Shaped like a turnover, they are typically filled with meats, cheeses or vegetables. Conchas, named for their shell-like shape, are popular in the United States. They are a sweetened pastry with a pattern imprinted on the top to mimic a shell. Another popular Mexican pastry is the campenchanas, a glazed, rectangular-shaped treat.

Besos, which is Spanish for "kisses", are dome-shaped pastries filled with a dollop of jam and are very popular on Valentine's Day. Marranitos, nicknamed "little pigs," are cookie-like pastries sweetened with sugar cane and sprinkled with cinnamon. They are often served in the shape of a pig and look similar to a gingerbread cookie.

Polvorones are a traditional wedding dessert in Mexico. These little cookies are similar to Scottish shortbread and are made with milk, flour, sugar and nuts. Their texture is soft and very crumbly. The Mexican version of the croissant is known as the cuernos and is similarly shaped to the French pastry.

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