How Do You Melt Chihuahua Cheese?

How Do You Melt Chihuahua Cheese?

To melt Chihuahua cheese, shred or cube the cheese into small chunks, allow it to reach room temperature and melt it over low heat. Chihuahua cheese features a buttery and tangy flavor, and it melts well, making it ideal for a number of recipes. Mild cheddar and Monterey Jack both work well as substitutions for Chihuahua cheese.

To properly melt cheese:

  1. Use the right cheese
  2. Different types of cheeses feature different melting points, so it is important to use the same cheese that is outlined in the recipe. If the same cheese is not available, choose an acceptable substitution.

  3. Shred the cheese
  4. Attempting to melt an entire block of cheese at once will not achieve desired results, so it is best to shred the cheese before attempting to melt it. Shredded cheese also melts faster.

  5. Bring to room temperature
  6. Cheese that is already at room temperature melts faster than cold cheese, reducing the amount of time it is exposed to the heat.

  7. Use low heat
  8. Follow the recipe, but cheese typically melts better at a lower heat. Cheese that is exposed to too high of heat will achieve a rubber-like consistency.

  9. Turn off the heat once melted
  10. Once the cheese has reached the desired consistency, immediately remove it from the heat source to avoid overheating it.