What Are Some Medical Uses for Mint Leaves?


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As of 2015, medical uses for mint leaves include aiding digestion, relieving pain, reducing skin inflammation, and boosting the effectiveness of antifungal medications, according to SFGate. Peryllyl alcohol, a compound in mint leaves, may function as a cancer-fighting agent.

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People have used mint leaves to ease pain and bring relief from indigestion since ancient times, notes SFGate. Study results published in May 2010 showed that taking one capsule of peppermint leaf oil for eight weeks, three times daily gave irritable bowel syndrome patients noticeable relief from their symptoms. Test tube results released in March 2012 showed the synergistic effect of mint extract combined with metronidazole, an antifungal drug, when used against species of candida that cause yeast infections. The August 2012 publication of tissue culture studies revealed that peryllyl alcohol may block cancer-causing agents in the liver and destabilize the DNA structure of prostate cancer cells to retard cell growth.

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