How Do You View Meat Processing and Butchering Diagrams?


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Hirsch's Meats offers a quick butchering diagram for a side of beef, while Trail Boss TV offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to process a deer for meat. Ask the Meatman offers a full diagram for butchering a hog, while the National Chicken Council offers a diagram for processing a chicken.

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The beef butchering chart from Hirsch's Meats is easy to read because all of the different cuts are labeled in different colors on the cow. The website also offers information on the prime cuts of meat, including forequarter and hindquarter cuts, and gives an explanation of the USDA's grading system.

At Trail Boss TV, hunters can find a detailed tutorial of how to process a deer. The process begins with hanging and gutting the deer, and then shows how to remove the legs, head and which portions contain which cuts of meat.

Ask the Meatman offers an anatomical model of a hog with a full skeletal system. Users can also find notebook-sized diagrams for use at the grocery store or butcher shop.

At the National Chicken Council's website, visitors can view a step-by-step tutorial on how to properly cut and process a whole chicken. It also offers steps for deboning the chicken and creating drumsticks from the wings.

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