What Meat Goes With Hash Brown Casserole?

Hash brown casserole goes well with beef or chicken. Ham is another popular option. Many recipes for this versatile casserole also include cheese, chopped vegetables and condensed soup.

Hash brown casserole is a convenient weeknight dinner dish that works well with frozen vegetables, which significantly reduces the preparation time. A common recipe calls for ground hamburger meat, frozen mixed vegetables, frozen hash browns and shredded cheese.

Ham and eggs turn hash brown casserole into a breakfast dish that can be prepared in a slow cooker the night before. The casserole cooks overnight on the low heat setting and can be served directly out of the stoneware. Crumbled breakfast sausage is also popular in breakfast hash brown casseroles.

Hash brown casserole is extremely versatile and pairs wonderfully with spices from around the world. Hash brown taco casserole is a popular example. This dish combines frozen hash browns with ground beef, taco seasoning mix, shredded cheese and kidney beans. Served with guacamole, salsa and sour cream, the casserole makes a flavorful Mexican-inspired meal.

Vegetarian meat substitutes also pair well with hash brown casserole. Crumbled veggie burgers, tofu sausage crumbles and browned seitan strips add protein and flavor without changing the basic preparation technique.