How Do You Measure Out a Teaspoon?

To measure out a level teaspoon precisely, take a measuring teaspoon and fill it with the substance you need to measure. Scrape something with a flat edge across the top of the spoon to level off the teaspoon.

  1. Gather your tools

    You need a teaspoon that is intended for baking. A regular teaspoon from the silverware drawer does not provide a precise measurement. You also need a butter knife or steak knife.

  2. Scoop it out

    Put the spoon into the substance you need to measure, and scoop some of it out. Be sure to overfill the spoon; the substance should be heaped up above the edge of the spoon.

  3. Scrape off the excess

    Take the knife and scrape the flat edge across the filled spoon. Allow the excess fall back into the container. The spoonful should now be filled up to the edges and perfectly level.