What Are Some Meals With Low Sodium?


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Chicken fajitas, Swedish meatballs and balsamic roast chicken are some meals that can be made with low sodium. The Food and Drug Administration requires that pre-packaged and frozen meals labelled low sodium must contain fewer than 140 milligrams in each serving.

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The safest way to eat low-sodium meals is to make them from scratch, controlling the ingredients. Using fresh fruits and vegetables, uncured meats and fish, and condiments that are designated low sodium ensures low sodium content. Sites such as The Low Sodium Gourmet, the Mayo Clinic and Low-Salt Living provide thousands of low-sodium recipes.

Some high-salt culprits are surprising. Cottage cheese, many aged cheeses, olives and celery are examples of foods that can contribute to high sodium levels. An effective approach to low-sodium eating is to identify safe foods and plan meals using them.

Reading labels is also a critical habit to pick up. Many items appear low in salt until the number of servings are considered. What looks like one serving may be broken down by the food producer to appear healthier than it is.

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