Does McDonalds Have a Secret Menu?


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McDonalds has a secret menu consisting of 13 items, as of 2015. Some of the items on the list are not unique food orders, but are cost-saving alternatives to normal menu items.

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Does McDonalds Have a Secret Menu?
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The Land, Sea, and Air Burger contains beef, chicken and fish stacked together in one bun. The McGangBang is a McChicken patty stuffed between the hamburger patties of a McDouble. The Poor Man's Big Mac is considered a menu hack. It is a smaller Big Mac for the price of a McDouble. The 2-Cheeseburger Meal is a vintage menu item that can still be ordered. The Big McChicken consists of three McChickens and a Big Mac. The Monster Mac is simply a Big Mac with eight patties. Additional items on the secret menu include Grilled Cheese, the McKinley Mac, Fresh Chicken McNuggets, the Neapolitan Shake and the Chicken McGriddle.

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