What Are Some Masterbuilt Smoker Recipes?

To find Masterbuilt smoker recipes, the Masterbuilt site can be visited and recipes found under the recipe section. The different types of smoked recipes are for seafood, various types of meat and vegetables. Some different smoked meat recipes are for smoked chicken thighs and sausage gumbo, smoked turkey breast, smoked meatballs, smoked stuffed burgers and pork roast with Indian spices.

There also are a variety of recipes for game meat and lamb. Similarly, some seafood recipes include smoked salmon and smoked trout. The majority of these recipes are simple to follow. For example, the smoked turkey breast recipe entails placing a 6 to 7 lb. turkey, which has been seasoned according to taste, into a preheated smoker for about 4 to 5 hours. However, some recipes, such as the one for smoked salmon, may require more time to prepare because it entails placing the salmon into a brine solution that contains many different spices. The salmon can be kept in this brine solution for up to 36 hours before smoking it.

Besides the different recipes for meats and seafood, the Masterbuilt smoker can be used to smoke vegetables. An easy vegetable recipe is for smoked potatoes, which requires slicing the baking potatoes, placing them on foil, adding some olive oil and garlic seasoning and then baking the potatoes. Some other vegetable recipes are smoked summer vegetables and jalapeno poppers.

This website also has recipes for sauces that can go with these different dishes. There are recipes for other cooking methods, such as fried, grilled, boiled and steamed.