What Makes Market Basket Better Than Other Supermarkets in Waltham, Massachusetts?

Based on customer reviews on Yelp.com, what makes Market Basket better than other supermarkets in Waltham, Massachusetts are its low prices, excellent organization of products and great overall shopping experience. Market Basket also has a well-stocked international aisle compared to Hannaford and Shaw’s.

As of April 2015, many customers say that Market Basket offers very affordable prices and plenty of fresh meats and fish. Reviewers state that it’s one of the best grocery stores in Waltham, Massachusetts because of the quality of its products and the commendable customer service. In particular, many reviewers mention that the store's supervisor and employees are friendly, caring and eager to help customers.

Some customers like the large area inside the store and praise the way that all the products are aligned and categorized properly. In terms of unique selling points, Market Basket also features a sushi department that offers party platters and provides fresh, creatively designed raw fish. Its Market Cafe sells quality food and drinks, and the international product range includes products that are typically hard to find in other supermarkets.

Customers also like the spacious parking lot, although one reviewer notes that Market Basket often has a lot of customers, leading to a shortage of accessible parking spots. Overall, Market Basket in Waltham achieves an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars based on 19 reviews.