What Are Some of Marian Getz's Cookbooks?


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Marian Getz cookbooks include her recipes on how to best use household appliances, such as rice cookers, steamers, fryers and the QuadChop, and titles include "Simply the Best QuadChop Recipes" and Simply the Best Steamer Recipes." Most of her books begin with the title "Simply the Best."

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The recipes featured in these books incorporate new and sometimes unusual ways to use kitchen appliances. The books include full-color illustrations and tips on stocking and measuring ingredients.

  • "Simply the Best Rice Cooker Recipes": Some recipes featured in this book include mac and cheese, pot roast, chicken and broccoli pasta and queso dip.
  • "Simply the Best Pressure Cooker Recipes": In this book, readers learn how to pressure cook steel cut oats and berries, corned beef and cabbage and sour cream coffee cake.
  • "Simply the Best QuadChop Recipes": In addition to recipes, such as creamy avocado dressing and roasted tomato soup, this book teaches readers how to use and care for their QuadChop blender.
  • "Simply the Best Steamer Recipes": Some steamer recipes from Marian Getz include BBQ turkey tenderloins and pesto steamed salmon fillets.
  • "Simply the Best Panini Grill Recipes": Not only does this book feature recipes for sandwiches using a Panini grill, it also gives readers tips on how to make crab cakes, lamb chops and French toast.
  • "The Fryer Cookbook": This book features an introduction by Wolfgang Puck and teaches cooks how to make popular appetizers, street foods, entrees and desserts in a deep fryer.
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