How Many Pumpkin Pies Are Eaten Every Thanksgiving?

Americans consume 50 million pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving, as of 2012. Costco sells approximately 1 million pumpkin pies during the Thanksgiving holiday, and the store makes 4.7 million pumpkin pies each year.

Costco’s pumpkin pies require 6.3 million cans of canned pumpkin, and each can is equivalent to around 1 quart of pumpkin puree. About 2 million pounds of whole eggs go into making the pies and around 4.8 million pounds of sugar and spices. A large farm in Illinois grows the approximately 174 truckloads of pumpkins used in Costco’s pumpkin pies each year.

The New Breman Giant Pumpkin Growers, an Ohio-based group, baked the world’s largest pumpkin pie in 2005. It was 12 feet long and contained 900 pounds of pumpkin.