How Many Pints of Beer Does a Full Keg Hold?

A full keg holds approximately 124 pints of beer. This is the equivalent of 99 20-ounce beers.

A full keg, also known as a half-barrel, holds 15.5 gallons of beer. Reducing spillage while pouring contributes to the number of beers that can be obtained from a full keg.

Other sizes of kegs include:

  • Quarter barrel, which holds 74 pints of beer
  • European barrel, which holds 105 pints of beer
  • Sixtel, which holds 42 pints of beer
  • Single-use mini keg, sometimes called a "bubba," which holds roughly 10.6 pints of beer

A keg is made from stainless steel. To create carbonation in beer, it is pressurized with CO2. A full keg may be refrigerated for up to 120 days before the beer is considered stale.