How Many People Does a Sheet Cake Feed?

How Many People Does a Sheet Cake Feed?

The number of people a sheet cake feeds depends on the size of the cake. Typically, a small 7-inch by 11-inch cake serves between 24 and 32 people.

Make sheet cakes feed a large group of people by limiting the size of each slice. The number of people a cake will serve varies by both the cake size and the size of each slice. Sheet cakes come in a variety of sizes.

  • 7 inches by 11 inches serves 24 to 32 people
  • 8 inches by 12 inches serves 29 to 40 people
  • 9 inches by 13 inches serves 36 to 50 people
  • 11 inches by 15 inches serves 54 to 74 people
  • 12 inches by 16 inches serves 57 to 79 people
  • 12 inches by 18 inches serves 72 to 98 people
  • 16 inches by 24 inches serves 115 to 158 people

No matter the area of the cake, most sheet cakes are about 4 inches tall. Sheet cakes can also be used as multi-tiered or layered cakes for weddings. Just count each tier as a separate cake when estimating how many people the entire wedding cake will serve.

Sheet cakes are cut into small rectangles about 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches in area per serving. The party host may opt to be generous and increase the serving sizes so that the cake serves fewer people.