How Many Mini Marshmallows Equal One Regular?

Approximately 10 mini marshmallows equal one large or regular sized marshmallow. Similarly, one cup of mini marshmallows is equal to 10 large ones. Marshmallows are small candy mounds made of ingredients that include corn syrup, egg white and gelatin.

The nutritional data associated with marshmallow show that this candy treat is not very high in calories. For example, a serving of one cup of mini marshmallows, which is approximately 50 grams, has 159 calories. Although this amount has no cholesterol or saturated fats, it does have 29 grams of sugar and 40 grams of sodium.

Although the marshmallow is a very popular treat today, its history dates to ancient Egypt, where it was prepared for pharaohs. In the 1800's, France incorporated sap from the marshmallow plant with sugar and egg white to produce a new sweet treat that was hand whipped. Through time, other different ingredients were added to improve this treat.