How Many Hazelnuts Are in a Jar of Nutella?

many-hazelnuts-jar-nutella Credit: YelenaYemchuk/iStock/Getty Images

There are supposed to be the equivalent of 94 hazelnuts in an 'average size' jar of Nutella, according to, though some other sources, such as the Daily Mail, indicate that a 750-gram jar of Nutella has more like the equivalent of 90 hazelnuts. The Public Library of Science's Obesity Panacea blog indicates that hazelnuts, which are the only nuts in Nutella, make up only about 12 percent of the ingredients in the internationally beloved chocolate and nut spread, a relatively small amount compared to the vast amounts of sugar and fat that are part of the spread's ingredients. The Obesity Panacea blog indicates that sugar makes up 11 grams of a 19-gram serving of Nutella, making this a much more significant ingredient than hazelnuts.

Though Nutella is widely believed to be delicious and possessing of some nutritional value, research has indicated that this hazelnut spread has a higher proportion of unhealthy ingredients than the relatively healthy hazelnut and skim milk its manufacturer, Fererro, tries to emphasize. The Obesity Panacea blog indicates that Nutella actually has more calories, fat and sugar than an equivalent amount of chocolate cake icing. Additionally, Nutella is made with modified palm oil, which is considered to be a 'bad' fat.