How Many Glasses Are in a Magnum of Champagne?

many-glasses-magnum-champagne Credit: Photography by paulgmccabe/Moment Open/Getty Images

According to Champagne Direct, a magnum of champagne, which is equivalent to two standard bottles, contains 12 glasses. It holds 150 centiliters of the sparkling wine. Because magnums are so large, they are poured by placing one hand around the bottom while the other hand braces the neck.

Champagne bottles are available in a number of sizes suitable for different occasions. A mini bottle is enough for just two glasses. A standard bottle pours six. There are several bottles larger than a magnum. For instance, the Methuselah holds 48 glasses, the Salmanazar equals 72, the Balthazar has 96 and Nebuchadnezzar serves 120 glasses.