How Many Different Types of Pizza Are There?

Pizza is defined as having a crust, sauce and a topping, and it is impossible to number how many types there are because the combinations are as limitless as the imagination. Pizza is one of the most popular dishes worldwide, and the countless variations of pizza fluctuate depending on the part of the world where it is made.

The Italian Neapolitan pizza is produced in tandem with the True Neapolitan Pizza Association, a nonprofit with the sole mission of producing and protecting the true Neapolitan pizza in accordance with International Regulations for the brand. Its ingredients are San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and natural Neapolitan yeast.

Originating in Rome and popular across Italy, the Italian Lazio pizza has many variations on a thin crust. Baked either in a rectangle, traditional round or folded calzone, it features tomato, cheese and various toppings sometimes baked into the crust.

American pizza can vary from traditional to different and includes Chicago's deep-dish, Detroit's twice-baked and New York's thin-crust. American variations also include breakfast pizza, white pizza and dessert pizza. With the popularity of chain pizzerias, other cultures such as Australia, Brazil, Israel and Korea have established an appreciation for both traditional and regional pizza varieties.