How Many Different Types of Bread Are There in the World?

Bread has been a staple of the human diet for around 30,000 years, with each culture developing a huge range of bread recipes, meaning there are more than 100 different types of bread in the world. Some bread recipes are very similar, so providing an exact number is problematic.

Bread is the most consumed foodstuff in the world, forming a major part of diet in a wide range of countries and cultures. In addition to the huge variety of breads, different breads are eaten at varying times of day in different parts of the world.

The French baguette, for example, is often eaten for breakfast with butter and jams, as well as accompanying almost any other meal. Another bread eaten for breakfast is the Brazilian pao de queijo, which is a small bun stuffed with cheese.

Focaccia, an Italian favorite, is commonly served as a side dish with many meals, and is usually made with olive oil, herbs, and salt. It is also commonly topped with olives, anchovies, or onions.

In traditional Indian food, the naan bread is one of the main components of a meal. This bread is baked by being stuck to the side of a tandoor oven while the dough is still raw. A number of flavorings can be added into or on top of the naan, such as garlic, cheese or minced lamb.