How Many Cheeses Are Produced in France?


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There are traditionally about 400 different varieties of cheese produced in France. The varying types of cheese are classified in eight different families, which are referred to in France as "les huit families de fromage."

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Cheese is classified based on multiple characteristics, including the type of milk from which it is made, its moisture content, the process by which it is made, its age, its mold content and its origin. In France, cheese production is classified into four main categories. The first, fermier, is made on the farm in which the milk is produced. The second is artisanal, which is made by independent producers in small batches with milk purchased from local farms. The third is coopérative, which is made by a dairy that has come to an agreement with multiple milk producers to make cheese in relatively large batches. Lastly, there is industriel cheese, which is factory-made using milk produced by several farms regionally and made in very large batches.

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