How Many Calories Are There in a Tootsie Pop?


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One Original Tootsie Pop contains 60 calories, while one Tootsie Pop Miniature contains 20 calories. While one serving of Tootsie Pop Miniatures is 15 grams and contains 60 calories, each miniature lollipop is only 5 grams; therefore, each serving contains 3 lollipops with each containing 20 calories.

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Original Tootsie Pops are fat-free and come in a variety of flavors, including the original flavor mix: chocolate, cherry, grape, orange, and raspberry. A newly-introduced sixth flavor alternates between pomegranate, banana, and blueberry. Tootsie Pop Miniatures, which are available in any of the original five flavors, are miniature versions of the original candy.

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