How Many Calories Are in Potbelly Sandwiches?


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As of 2014, calories in Potbelly sandwiches range from the 294-calorie Skinny TKY sandwich to the 1,340-calorie Big PB&J. Calorie totals of Potbelly sandwiches vary based on the size of the sandwich as well as the type of bread, toppings and added extras.

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The following calorie counts for each type of sandwich are based on the original sandwich size with only the standard meats, cheeses, toppings and multigrain bread. The Wreck sandwich has 538 calories. The Clubby sandwich has 644 calories. The chicken salad sandwich has 591 calories. The grilled chicken and cheddar sandwich has 465 calories. The Italian sandwich has 657 calories. The meatball sandwich has 673 calories. The Mediterranean sandwich has 471 calories. The PB&J sandwich has 860 calories. The roast beef sandwich has 512 calories. The signature pizza sandwich has 581 calories. The smoked ham sandwich has 499 calories. The tuna salad sandwich has 549 calories. The turkey breast sandwich has 442 calories. The turkey BLT sandwich has 624 calories. The vegetarian sandwich has 522 calories. The buffalo grilled chicken sandwich has 542 calories. The turkey bacon and cheddar sandwich has 595 calories.

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