How Many Calories Are in Some Popular McDonald's Foods?


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A large order of McDonald's French fries has 500 calories. Medium and small orders have 380 and 230 calories, respectively. The Big Mac has 540 calories. Snack wraps range from 250 to 350 calories. These are the three most popular menu items, according to HowStuffWorks.com.

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How Many Calories Are in Some Popular McDonald's Foods?
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The most popular breakfast item, the Egg McMuffin, has 300 calories. The most popular dessert item, the Baked Hot Apple Pie, has 250 calories. An order of 10-piece Chicken McNuggets has 470 calories.

Another very popular category of items is McDonald's Premium Salads. A Premium Bacon Ranch Salad without chicken has 140 calories. However, with grilled or crispy chicken, a Premium Bacon Ranch Salad has 230 or 390 calories, respectively. Likewise, a Premium Southwest Salad without chicken has very few calories, at 140. Adding grilled or crispy chicken increases the calorie count to 290 or 450, respectively.

The Double Cheeseburger is an historically popular item, and it contains 440 calories. However, people who are counting calories shouldn't confuse this with the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which has 740 calories. In fact, even a single Quarter Pounder with Cheese has more calories than a Double Cheeseburger, at 510.

The McGriddles breakfast sandwiches close out the Top 10 from HowStuffWorks.com. The Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles have 420 calories, but substituting egg whites lowers that to 360. Similarly, the Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles have 560 calories, but that goes down to 500 calories with egg whites. Sausage McGriddles have 420 calories.

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