How Do You Make Wine Using a Balloon?

How Do You Make Wine Using a Balloon?

Making balloon wine involves mixing fruit juice with sugar and yeast and allowing it to ferment in a glass jug with a balloon on top. After the juice ferments, siphon the wine off the sediments at the bottom of the jug.

To make balloon wine from scratch, remove the stems from berries or grapes, but don't wash them. The skins contain yeast on the outside, which aids in the fermentation process. Pour the fruit into a ceramic or glass bowl, and massage the berries for five minutes to remove the juice. Alternatively, use frozen grape, apple or berry juice.

Pour the juice into a large glass jug, making sure there's at least 1 1/2 inches between the top of the jug and the top of the liquid. If using fresh fruit juice, add 2 cups honey. Otherwise, add 4 cups sugar and 1/4 teaspoon dry yeast. Mix well, and add distilled water to make 1 gallon of liquid.

Slide a heavy balloon, such as the punching toy variety, over the lip of the jug. Secure with a string.

If using fresh fruit, shake the jug several times a day until the mixture starts bubbling. After three days of bubbling, strain out the solids, and cover the lip with a balloon again.

Place the jug in a cool, dry place. Release carbon dioxide from the interior daily for the first week. Leave undisturbed for a further two to three weeks, or until the balloon is no longer inflated. Siphon the wine into sterilized glass bottles, being careful to leave the sediment in the jug.