How Do You Make Vodka Jell-O Shots?

Ingredients needed to make vodka Jell-O shots consist of vodka, Jell-O or another brand of flavored gelatin, cold water and boiling water. If the bartender does not have any vodka available, light rum is an acceptable substitute for making Jell-O shots.

Making about 16 shot-glass-sized portions of Jell-O shots requires one 3-ounce package or envelope of Jell-O or other gelatin of the preferred flavor, 8 ounces of boiling water, 4 ounces of vodka or light rum and 4 ounces of cold water. If shot glasses aren't available, small paper or plastic cups can be used as well.

To begin, 8 ounces of boiling water and the Jell-O envelope must be stirred together in a mixing bowl. The mixing bowl should be durable enough to use with boiling water without danger of breaking.The Jell-O and boiling water mixture should be stirred until the Jell-O fully dissolves.Next, the vodka or rum should be added along with the 4 ounces of cold water. This mixture should be stirred thoroughly to ensure that all the gelatin has been dissolved. The liquid should then be poured into the shot glasses or plastic paper cups, and allowed to chill for several hours before serving.