How Do You Make Vodka Gummy Bears?

Make vodka gummy bears by soaking gummy bears in vanilla vodka for a few hours or overnight. Stir the gummy bears occasionally, and mix in a little vegetable oil at the end to prevent sticking. Portion the gummy bears into individual shot glasses to serve.

  1. Place gummy bears into a bowl

    Pour the desired number of gummy bears into a bowl. Choose a bowl that is large enough to allow room for stirring.

  2. Add vanilla vodka

    Pour vanilla vodka over the gummy bears until the level of the vodka is half as high as the level of the gummy bears. Do not add too much vodka. The gummy bears only soak up about half their volume in vodka.

  3. Mix thoroughly

    Stir the gummy bears and vanilla vodka together for a couple of minutes to start the soaking process.

  4. Soak for a few hours

    Let the gummy bears sit in the vodka for at least three hours. Stir once an hour. If it is convenient, let them continue soaking overnight.

  5. Add vegetable oil

    Add a small drizzle of vegetable oil to the mixture. Stir thoroughly, breaking up any clumps of gummy bears.

  6. Portion into shot glasses

    Spoon the vodka gummy bears into individual plastic shot glasses to prevent further sticking and make them easy to serve.