How Do You Make Vanilla Bean Pudding With Bananas and Wafers?


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Will Cook for Smiles and Slate both have recipes for vanilla bean pudding with bananas and wafers. The recipes are similar, combining bananas and wafers with a basic stove-top pudding made from eggs, milk, and starch.

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To make a vanilla bean pudding with bananas and wafers, the first step is to make a basic vanilla bean pudding. To do this, heat milk, cream and a vanilla bean in a saucepan, before combining this mixture with sugar and the binding ingredients -- in this case, eggs and cornstarch. Will Cook for Smiles' recipe uses flour here as well.

Once the pudding component of the recipe has thickened, it needs to be cooled. Will Cook for Smiles recommends simply stirring the pudding over heat until it is thick, while Slate's recipe creates more of a mousse texture by combining the cooled custard with whipped cream.

Once the custard has cooled, the remaining steps are similar. Slate recommends folding the banana slices into the mousse to combine them, while Will Cook for Smiles instructs the baker to layer the banana slices and pudding, before topping with wafers. Overall, it takes about four hours including chilling time to make this type of pudding. An eight- to 10-serving yield requires four or five bananas and a whole box of wafers.

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