How Do You Make Tomato Juice?

How Do You Make Tomato Juice?

To make tomato juice, select juicy tomatoes, chop them into quarters, and cook till the tomatoes turn mushy. Filter the tomatoes to separate the juice, add the required spices, and boil the juice for a few minutes. Finally, prepare the glass jars for canning, and pour in the tomato juice.

To make tomato juice, select tomatoes that are firm, ripened on the vine and fleshy. Begin making the juice by washing the tomatoes and cutting the stem and any damaged portions.

Chop the tomatoes and immediately cook them in a saucepan or stockpot over medium to low heat for around five to eight minutes. Stir occasionally. Simmer the tomato chunks until they become soft and fall apart.

Separate the juice from the solid materials using a sieve, a food press or a food mill. To extract the maximum juice, press the cooked tomatoes with a pestle. Boil the juice again on medium to high heat for approximately 10 minutes. Add pepper, salt, chopped carrots, onions, bell peppers and celery to enhance the juice's flavor.

To can the juice, add one teaspoon of citric acid or lemon juice to a glass jar and boil an adequate quantity of water in a stockpot. Pour in the tomato juice in the jar leaving some headspace, close it with the lid, and place it in the boiling water for about 40 minutes. Store the juice in a dark, cool area. Once opened, store in a refrigerator for up to seven days.