How Do You Make Toast Without a Toaster?

How Do You Make Toast Without a Toaster?

There are several ways to make toast without using a toaster, including using a camp stove, placing toast on the racks in an oven and simply using a heavy cast iron pan. Toast cooks evenly only when the bread used is pre-sliced as rough textures will cause the toast's face to come into uneven contact with the heated cooking surface.

Toasting bread can be done virtually anywhere. As long as a heated surface and an open flame are available, the process is possible.

Camp stoves are small folding cookers which can be fitted with wire traps specifically made to hold toast. Typical camp stoves can hold four pieces of bread at once and can be placed atop most gas oven ranges or banked fires to provide the heat needed to crisp the toast.

An oven turned to broil can toast bread in about 3 minutes. Turn the toast once at the midway mark in order to ensure that both sides crisp evenly. It can be cooked longer if darker toast is desired.

Ungreased pans can cook toast as well. The toast is simply placed in the heated skillet and allowed to crisp on both sides.

As with all types of camping, make sure any fires are out completely before leaving the area.