How Do You Make a Tinkerbell Cake Topper?

How Do You Make a Tinkerbell Cake Topper?

Make a Tinker Bell cake topper fitting for any fairy princess's party with a plain plastic cake topper, a Tinker Bell doll or figure, colored frosting, and edible glitter to use as pixie dust.

  1. Get a plain cake topper base

    Purchase a plain, plastic disc cake topper base from an arts and crafts store or your local bakery. Choose one that fits your cake and mimics its shape, whether it's round, square or rectangular.

  2. Glue the Tinker Bell figure to the center of the topper

    Choose a lightweight Tinker Bell figure or miniature doll to place in the center of the topper. Glue it down with non-toxic craft glue. If you want the Tinker Bell figure standing up, slide a small wooden dowel up the back of the doll's dress, and attach it to the base.

  3. Frost the topper

    Cover the base of the topper with green frosting for grass, surrounding the doll. Use blue and white frosting if you want Tinker Bell to appear as if she is flying. Add edible candy flowers or flowers made from piping frosting, as well as butterflies and other magical creatures.

  4. Finish it off with a sparkle

    Place the finished topper on top of the cake before you frost it. Touch up any areas as needed, blending the frosting into the top layer. Sprinkle edible glitter over the topper and cake to mimic pixie dust.