How Do You Make a Tie Dyed Cake?


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To make a cake with tie dyed coloring, divide batches of white cake batter into separate bowls. Use bright food coloring to make each batch of cake batter into different colors. With a tablespoon, drop the assorted batters randomly into your cake pan. Follow the baking instructions that came with the cake mix. Once the cake is cool, frost it with canned or homemade frosting.

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  1. Gather ingredients, and prepare the batter

    The easiest way to make a tie dye cake is to use a prepared white cake mix. You also need four mixing bowls, four tablespoons, two round greased 8-inch cake pans and frosting. Follow the instructions on the box to make the batter. Next, divide the batter evenly into four different bowls.

  2. Make different colors, and get ready for baking

    Use neon food coloring to make each bowl of cake batter a different color. Depending on how intense you want the colors, use approximately 20 drops per color. If the color seems too pale, add additional drops until you achieve the desired color. Use a separate tablespoon to mix each color to prevent the colors from blending with one another. Once the colored batter is ready, use the same tablespoons to scoop batter from the bowls, and drop in a random pattern in the cake pans. There should be the same amount of batter in each pan, with a minimum of 20 individual tablespoons of color.

  3. Bake and complete your cake

    Bake the cake according to the directions on the box. Once the cake is cool, frost the cake, and assemble the layers with canned or homemade frosting. Using a white frosting makes the tie dye colors pop out even more.

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